REVIEW: Dua Lipa’s Self-Titled Tour in Toronto

(By: Melissa Bennardo)

For those of you who haven’t heard of Dua Lipa yet, she is definitely the one to listen to right now. You may have heard her featured in Martin Garrix’s hit song, “Scared to be Lonely,” but “New Rules” is how she really started climbing the Billboard charts. The song peaked at number 19 this week on Billboard’s Hot 100 list. But the hypnotic beat and her powerful vocals are even better listened to live. The English singer and songwriter performed in Toronto for her self-titled tour last Wednesday at Rebel nightclub.

Marteen opened the sold out show with songs like “We Cool” and “Sriracha.” At only 16 years old, the California native has already toured with Kehlani on her SweetSexySavage tour and joined Lipa for her North American tour.

“Hotter Than Hell” was the first song on Lipa’s set list. She came out in an oversized blazer and crop top. Her high energy lasted the entire night, each song getting the crowd off their feet. The crowd was not only dancing to each rhythmic song but they were also singing along to each catchy lyric. Rebel, as a smaller venue, provided a more intimate experience. One fan even gifted Lipa with a personalized jacket.

(Photo courtesy of Melissa Romualdi)

There was much anticipation before Lipa sang “IDGAF.” This heartbreak anthem is all about getting over the one that got away. Before she began singing, there was a warning on the screen telling the crowd they were about to experience “explicit language and behaviour” and that the song was dedicated to all the “f***boys who have done you wrong.”

After singing more hits like “Blow Your Mind (Mwah),” “Lost in Your Light” and “Thinking ‘Bout You,” the lights dimmed as Lipa came out for an encore. She first sang “Homesick” co-written by Chris Martin, a ballad about being far away from a loved one. The crowd was silent for this song as Lipa sang each heartfelt word. The rising-star finally closed off the show, saving her bests for last. “Be The One” and “New Rules” ended the night leaving everyone feeling like they just got blessed by a pop goddess.

(Header image: Anton Mak/Aesthetic Magazine)

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