Justin Trudeau’s Liberals form a minority government

By: Jonathan Bradley Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has managed to hold on to power after winning a minority government on Oct. 21.  The Liberals won the most seats in the 2019 Canadian election, but the party is coming out with less than they had going in. They will now be required to work with opposition parties to pass legislation.  “I have heard you, my friends,” … Continue reading Justin Trudeau’s Liberals form a minority government

Trudeau visits the GTA

(By: Ryan Rocca) Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was in the GTA Monday where he met with residents, politicians and business leaders in Brampton, Mississauga, Toronto and Vaughan. Trudeau’s day began in Brampton where he had a meeting with Brampton Mayor Linda Jeffrey and some local MPs. He spent approximately one hour in the city. There, he and the local dignitaries discussed, among other topics, job … Continue reading Trudeau visits the GTA