About the RUtv News Team

Created in 2008, RUtv News is Ryerson University’s premier source for broadcast and online news around campus and Toronto. Primarily run by students from the RTA School of Media and Journalism, RUtv News is dedicated to telling the stories that matter to and interest students, as well as the local community. You can catch our latest videos on YouTube and find us on Facebook and Twitter.

RUtv News Executive Team

Manuela Vega | Co-Executive Producer

manuelaManuela Vega is a third-year journalism student who has been a reporter and camera operator for RUtv News since December 2017. She currently works as an associate producer for a Postmedia Youtube channel called “Postable News.” After graduation, she plans to pursue a career that involves producing video and investigative journalism, with the hopes of becoming a documentary filmmaker. When she’s not working, Manuela loves to watch movies, talk about politics, and spend quality time with friends, always.

Twitter: @_manuelavega
Contact: manuela.vega@ryerson.ca


Briana-Lynn Brieiro | Co-Executive Producer


Briana is a third-year journalism student at Ryerson University and has been with RUtv News since October 2017. She is currently co-executive producer of RUtv News. Outside of school, Briana works as a freelance videographer on a variety of projects. She aspires to one day build her own film/media business and continue with her passion for acting.


Twitter: @brianabrieiro
Contact: lynn.pintobrieiro@ryerson.ca


Tiffany Mongu | Campus News Editor

tiffTiffany Mongu is a fourth-year journalism student at Ryerson University and has been with RUtv News since October 2017, as an anchor for News in a Minute and a reporter. She currently serves as a News and Campus editor. Upon her graduation in 2020, Tiffany aspires to enter broadcast journalism at any news organization. Besides journalism work, she enjoys socializing with friends and watching Netflix!

Contact: tiffany.mongu@ryerson.ca


Natalie Michie | Arts & Life Editor

natalieNatalie Michie is a third-year journalism student pursuing a double minor in French and History. She loves music and fashion and has a passion for multimedia journalism. Natalie is the Arts and Life Editor and social media coordinator at RUtv. Alongside her role here, she is also an editor and social media coordinator for Journalists for Human Rights Ryerson Chapter, and the photo editor for New Wave Magazine. In her free time, Natalie enjoys journaling, watching scary movies and spending time with family and friends.

Twitter: @natalie_michie
Contact: nmichie@ryerson.ca


Matthew Rodrigopulle | Sports Editor 


Matthew Rodrigopulle is a fourth-year journalism student who has been with RUtv News since 2017 as a sports reporter. He is currently RUtv News’ sports editor. After graduating in 2020, he plans on pursuing a career in sports broadcasting.



Twitter: @Matt_Rodrigo_
Contact: mrodrigopulle@ryerson.ca


Cheyenne Bholla | Music Editor 

CheyCheyenne Bholla is a third-year journalism student who currently has the role of Music Editor. She’s passionate about music, writing and fashion. After her undergrad, Cheyenne wants to experiment in documentary-style journalism, with an emphasis on science and environmental issues. In her free time, Cheyenne is cooking up beats on GarageBand.


Twitter: @cheybholla
Contact: cbholla@ryerson.ca

For any inquiries, concerns or story ideas, contact RUtv News by email at rutvnews1@gmail.com


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