About the RUtv News Team

Created in 2008, RUtv News is Ryerson University’s premier source for broadcast and online news around campus and Toronto. Primarily run by students from the RTA School of Media and Journalism, RUtv News is dedicated to telling the stories that matter to and interest students, as well as the local community. You can catch our latest videos on YouTube and find us on Facebook and Twitter.


RUtv News Executive Team

Nicole Di Donato | Co-Executive Producer

Nicole Di Donato is a third-year journalism student at Ryerson and has been with RUtv News since February 2016. In addition to RUtv News, she currently works at CJRU 1280AM as the music director and also works on a live television show as a production assistant. She also has her own entertainment segment on CJRU 1280AM called “Arts and Culture on the Morning Mixtape.”

Twitter: @nicolekdidonato
Contact: nicole.didonato@ryerson.ca

Angela McLean | Co-Executive Producer

Angela McLean is a third-year journalism student. Before becoming a co-executive producer, she started as our music editor in September 2015. She has over 11 years of experience writing for print and online publications, including the Toronto Star and Girls’ Life, covering a variety of topics but focusing on music and entertainment. When she’s not writing, you can catch her at a concert or planning her next tropical vacation.

Twitter: @angelamcleanx
Contact: angela.mclean@ryerson.ca

Sindi Dulluku | Co-News Editor

Sindi Dulluku is a third-year journalism student at Ryerson. She joined RUtv News in October 2016 as a reporter and camera operator. She currently serves as a news section editor and began producing RUtv News’ weekly segment News in a Minute this year. She loves talking to people and aspires to enter broadcast journalism upon graduating in 2019. When she is not working on a journalism project, she enjoys playing soccer or drinking a delicious cup of coffee.

Twitter: @sdulluku
Contact: sdulluku@ryerson.ca

Amanda Pope | Co-News Editor

Amanda Pope is a second-year journalism student and has been with RUtv News since September 2016. She is also a multimedia reporter for the Ryerson Journalism Research Centre and a news reporter for Hamilton Life. While balancing her responsibilities as a student, Amanda is an entrepreneur. She is the television host and producer of the business-related talk show ‘Generation Z,’ the reporter/editor for the Generation Z Hamilton blog and the event coordinator for the monthly Generation Z Hamilton networking events.

Twitter: @AmandaSPope
Contact: amanda.pope@ryerson.ca

Melissa Bennardo | Co-Campus Editor

Melissa Bennardo started with RUtv News as a web writer and is now in her second year as co-campus editor. She is in her third year of the journalism program at Ryerson and is interested in pursuing broadcast journalism.

Twitter: @MelB_97
Contact: mbennardo@ryerson.ca

Josie Mills | Co-Campus Editor

Josie Mills is a fourth-year journalism student and has been with RUtv News for two years. She loves reviewing concerts, interviewing bands, cat memes and attending Ryerson University’s journalism program.

Twitter: @josie_mills
Contact: josephine.mills@ryerson.ca

Jasmine Bala | Arts & Life Editor

Jasmine Bala is a third-year journalism student with a passion for broadcast. Previously the Ryerson Journalism Research Centre reporter, this is her first year with RUtv News. She loves all things arts related and wants to pursue a job in broadcast journalism after graduating.

Twitter: @JasmineBala_
Contact: jasmine.bala@ryerson.ca

Nicholas Baxter | Sports Editor 

Nicholas Baxter joined the RUtv News team in 2016 as a reporter. Now in his third year of Ryerson’s journalism program, Nicholas has taken his love of sports to new heights, becoming our sports editor. He hopes to pursue a career in the field as a reporter or broadcaster, specializing in the sport of hockey.

Twitter: @_nickbaxter
Contact: nbaxter@ryerson.ca

Sarah Chew | Music Editor 

Sarah Chew is a second-year journalism student and joined RUtv News in 2016. In addition to writing and editing for RUtv News, she currently freelances for multiple publications, so follow her on Twitter to stay updated. She loves God, dogs, baking, cardio and music (duh). She hopes to work for VICE making documentaries after graduation.

Twitter: @sarahgetsr3al
Contact: sarah.chew@ryerson.ca

Ryan Rocca | Politics Editor

Ryan Rocca is a second-year journalism student at Ryerson. He joined RUtv News in September 2016. He also currently writes for The Mississauga News and has contributed to numerous outlets in the past, including Rogers TV, CityTV and Global News. From a young age, he has had a strong interest in current events and politics.

Twitter: @Reporter_Ryan
Contact: ryan.rocca@ryerson.ca

For any inquiries, concerns or story ideas, contact RUtv News by email at rutvnews1@gmail.com



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