The five most anticipated March albums

(By: Emma Sandri)

Reading week is over, Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir are not dating, and the Snapchat update is still a thing. In a year that’s been plagued with so much disappointment, escape all your worries and responsibilities with a some great music. Below are five albums to eagerly await this March.

The Neighbourhood – ‘The Neighbourhood’


Currently available

Singles: Scary Love, Sadderdaze, Nervous, Void, You Get Me So High, Stuck With Me

This alternative rock band first burst onto the music scene in 2012 through the release of their debut single, “Sweater Weather.” The double-platinum-selling track’s dreamy guitar riff, soft vocals and heavy snare drum were very reminiscent of the band’s California roots and earned them 11 weeks on Billboard’s Alternative Songs chart.

However, since the release of their debut album, the band’s sound has only been consistent in its constant experimentation and evolution.

In particular, the group has played with synths, heavy electronic bass and voice distortion on their most recent tracks “Scary Love” and “Dust.” If these previews suggest anything about The Neighbourhood’s new album, it’s that the band’s pop-rock mashup is sleek and seductive – a perfect soundtrack to a night-time drive down Sunset Boulevard.

Tory Lanez – ‘Memories Don’t Die’


Currently available

Singles: Shooters, Skrt Skrt, Real Thing

The sophomore album from rapper and vocalist Tory Lanez provides an interesting variation on the Torontonian’s usual style, including minimalistic beats and voice distortion.

Die-hard fans will be pleased with Lanez’s continued use of breathy and soft vocals, such as on “Skrt Skrt,” as well as Lanez’s clear, cold and smooth delivery on rap tracks like “Don’t Die (Memories Don’t Die).”

Similarly, Lanez also brings a lot of great features onto the album, including Future, NAV and 50 Cent. In particular, 50’s feature on “Pieces” lends a lot of introspection to the album, with the rapper’s lyrics giving the track a lot of emotional depth. This is most notable in the third verse, “How much pressure can you take ‘fore you snap or break?”

Jack White – ‘Boarding House Reach’


Release date: March 23

Singles: Connected by Love, Respect Commander, Corporation, Over and Over

Jack White is most well-known for his time as the lead singer and guitarist for the American rock duo the White Stripes. However, since the partnership’s dissolution in 2011, White has produced two critically acclaimed solo albums, ‘Blunderbuss’ (2012) and ‘Lazaretto’ (2014).

His upcoming project, to be released March 23, features White’s signature blues-rock style with the addition of some new-wave synth sounds.

In particular, the single, “Respect Commander,” features the snarling guitar riffs and quick-tempo bombastic drums which brought The White Stripes to fame in the early 2000s. However, the track also manages to incorporate break-beats and wailing synth in what can only be described as an experience unlike any other.

David Byrne – ‘American Utopia’


Release date: March 23

Singles: Everybody’s Coming to My House, This is That

The eclectic pop that permeated David Byrne’s work for the Talking Heads is back and with a vengeance on ‘American Utopia.’ The legendary vocalist continues to use his quirky yelping style of singing which brought him to prominence in the ‘80s.

He also continues his use of silly, observational lyricism such as in “Everybody’s Coming to My House,” wherein Byrne croons, “Imagine looking at a picture, imagine driving in a car.”

Yet in spite of his love for singing the obvious, Byrne’s lyrics are strikingly poetic. In the same single, Byrne also manages to sing about his feelings of loneliness, craving for affection and the brevity of life.

If all of that is in one single, it will certainly be interesting to see what else the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer’s album has in store.

Sunflower Bean – ‘Twentytwo in Blue’


Release date: March 23

Singles: Twentytwo, I Was a Fool, Crisis Fest

Sunflower Bean received widespread critical acclaim with their freshman album, ‘Human Ceremony’ (2016), which was a dreamy take on ‘80s pop and alternative rock. However, if the debut single off of ‘Twentytwo in Blue’ showcases anything, it’s that this Brooklyn trio is poised for even more success.

The synthetic pop melody, lightly strummed guitar and crashing cymbals featured on ‘Twentytwo’ are everything a romantic ’80s school dance needs. Particularly, the band’s charismatic front-woman Julia Cumming’s voice is as effervescent and airy as ever on the single.

Her ability to switch between strong and soft vocals is very reminiscent of late singer Dolores O’Riordan from The Cranberries.

The end of the winter semester is a little over a month away – check out these new albums to help you get through the rest of March, and stay tuned for April’s upcoming albums. Tweet us @RUtvNews and let us know what you’re listening to this month!

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