Patrick Brown drops out of PC leadership race

(By: Jazan Grewal)

Patrick Brown announced Monday he will no longer be participating in the PC leadership race.

The announcement was made the same day Ontario’s Integrity Commissioner’s office revealed it is reviewing some of Brown’s finances. That same day, Hamilton Police also announced they are investigating possible forgery and fraud in connection to the nomination of a PC party candidate that occurred while Brown was PC leader.

Just a month ago Brown was dealing with sexual misconduct allegations that led him to abruptly resign as leader of the PC party despite denying the allegations. He later announced he would join the leadership race aimed at replacing himself.

Due to external pressures, Brown then indicated that him being a part of the leadership race was a distraction to the campaign, affecting his loved ones and making it difficult to fight his legal battles, so he dropped out.

Brown had been in the race for just 10 days.

In a statement, Brown said, “I simply cannot run a provincial party leadership campaign while at the same time continuing to fighting to prove that the allegations are lies.”

He has not yet formally announced if he will remain a candidate for MPP in Simcoe North in the June 7th election.

Going forward, Caroline Mulroney, Doug Ford, Christine Elliot and Tanya Allen remain candidates of the PC party leadership race. PC members will officially elect their new leader March 10.

In the meantime, Patrick Brown has filed a libel suit against CTV, who broke the story about the allegations, and the news outlet has responded stating, “CTV News stands by its reporting and will actively defend its journalism in court.”

(Header photo courtesy of Christopher Katsarov/CP)

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