Your spring break playlist featuring 2018’s artists to watch

(By: Angela McLean)

It’s reading week for many universities across Canada, including Ryerson, and spring break in parts of the United States. (If you’re still waiting for your spring break, hang in there!) You know what that means, students – it’s time to hit the books. Or, more likely, cram your assignments and studying in the day before classes while spending the rest of the week catching up on Netflix, travelling and making awesome memories.

Need a special soundtrack for your week? Check out our spring break playlist, featuring upbeat tracks from some of 2018’s biggest artists. Keep scrolling for the inside scoop on some of our favourites, who will soon be yours too.

Victoria Duffield

(Photo courtesy of Victoria Duffield/Facebook)

Following the release of her sophomore LP ‘Accelerate’ in 2014, we didn’t hear much from Canadian songstress Victoria Duffield. That was until New Year’s Day when she started posting throwbacks of her favourite career highlights. On Feb. 11, Duffield announced the release of her sultry new single, “WOW.” The song was released on all online platforms Feb. 12 and is set to impact radio shortly. “I had opportunities arise and I had everything taken away,” Duffield wrote. “Three years and 100 songs later, the last 10 consecutive songs became my album.” Looking forward to hearing it!

Billie Eilish

(Photo courtesy of Billie Eilish/Facebook)

Back in 2015, a 14-year-old girl from Los Angeles somewhat accidentally launched her own music career. She had uploaded her original song “Ocean Eyes” on SoundCloud for her dance teacher but music blogs quickly found and shared it, demanding more from this mystery talent. From there, the star that is Billie Eilish came to be known around the world for her spunky, out-of-the-box style and no-holds-barred lyrics. (No kidding there – on “my boy,” a frustrated Eilish sings, “Alright dude, go trip over a knife.”) Eilish played The Drake Underground in Toronto in 2017 and quickly sold out a March show at the Mod Club Theatre. Expect her to drop a new single soon and announce more dates for later in the year.

Camila Cabello

(Photo courtesy of Camila Cabello/Facebook)

You likely know Camila Cabello as a now-former member of Fifth Harmony, but it’s time to forget what you know and meet the real Camila. Best place to start? Her recently-released album, ‘Camila.’ It features mostly slow and mid-tempo tracks, including the revealing ballad “All These Years,” but there are also several solid spring-break approved jams like “Into It.” This groovy track is slow and sensual, but perfect for driving down the highway or dancing around while you get ready. Don’t miss your chance to see Camila live at the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts on April 27 (right at the end of exams!).


(Photo courtesy of PARKWILD)

PARKWILD is ready to dominate your playlist. NYC-based members Austin Zudeck and Justin Thunstrom first met back in 2011 at a GRAMMY music camp and have since worked together to co-write and produce for the likes of MIYAVI, Spencer Ludwig and Lauv. In 2018, the focus is on their own project, which boasts a refreshing and catchy sound. Their new single “Too Late” tells the all-too-relatable story of trying to figure out who you are in such a fast-paced world. It will have you right in your feels while giving you just enough hope. The revelation: that who you are is right in front of you after all.

Madison Beer

(Photo courtesy of Madison Beer/Facebook)

Madison Beer’s debut full-length project has been a long time in the works. Her early career, stemming back to 2013, received a major boost with social media support from friend Justin Bieber. The long-awaited ‘As She Pleases,’ released Feb. 2, makes a statement with songs like “Fools” and “Say It to My Face.” Thinking of checking her out at The Velvet Underground on May 13? Act now – tickets are selling fast.

What are your plans for reading week or spring break? Share in the comments below or via Twitter.

(Header photo courtesy of PARKWILD)

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