Justin Timberlake redeems himself sans breast slip in 2018 Super Bowl halftime show

(By: Lucas Iannetta)

It was that time again yesterday for everyone’s favourite live concert: the Super Bowl halftime show, which this year featured Justin Timberlake.

A lot of eyes were on Timberlake for his much-anticipated 2018 performance, 14 years after Janet Jackson had a breast slip while singing “Rock Your Body” onstage with the star.

(Photo courtesy of Frank Micelotta for Getty Images)

This year Janet Jackson wasn’t part of the show, but Timberlake managed to keep it exciting with a thrilling vocal and dance performance.

It started off in what looked like a club inside the stadium for an energetic opening with his brand new track, “Filthy,” off of his newly released album, ‘Man Of The Woods.’

After that, JT moved out onto a staircase leading into the stadium where he performed “Rock Your Body” (a.k.a. the wardrobe malfunction song) with a couple backup dancers.

(Photo courtesy of Allison Takeda for Brit+Co)

Once the artist sang his way to the Super Bowl stage, a showcase of his biggest hits was in full swing complete with his band, a slew of backup dancers and thousands of lights.

Timberlake performed “My Love,” “Cry Me A River” and “SexyBack,” and he even sang a short chorus of “Senorita,” one of his lesser known hits that was a surprise in the set list.

(Photo courtesy of Vanity Fair)

The NSYNC alumnus hit every note and every dance move live with incredible energy and skill.

While taking the audience on a nostalgic trip through his greatest hits, Justin Timberlake mixed in a memorable homage to the late Prince by performing “I Would Die 4 U.”

The tribute song was one of Prince’s biggest hits, and JT sang along to it while playing a white piano, a video clip of Prince in a purple robe rolling behind him.

(Photo courtesy of Mark Hinog for SB Nation)

The homage went further than the stage with a shot shown on the live broadcast of Minneapolis, Prince’s hometown, turning purple in celebration of the icon.

After his nod to Prince, JT returned to his pop jams, singing “Suit and Tie” complete with a marching band and “Mirrors” surrounding the stage with backup dancers holding actual mirrors.

(Photo courtesy of CNN)

Timberlake finished his stunning performance with his pop hit, “Can’t Stop The Feeling” from last year’s Trolls movie.

While the 2018 halftime show didn’t include ‘justice’ for Janet Jackson or an NSYNC reunion that many were hoping for, Justin Timberlake still gave a great performance showing off his dance moves and reminding the audience that so many of his songs were successes.

Justin Timberlake won’t be in the news for his co-star’s wardrobe malfunction this year – he’ll be remembered for his homage to Prince and his incredible vocal and dance performance that redeemed his reputation as a talented musical artist.

What did you think about JT’s halftime show? Tweet us or leave a comment below and let us know!

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