Top six albums of January

(By: Waverly Neufeld)

2017 did not disappoint with music with releases from heavy hitters in the industry such as Kendrick Lamar, Jay-Z, Migos, SZA, Lorde and Calvin Harris. That said, expectations are high for music in 2018, as work is expected from artists like Drake, Rae Sremmurd, Arctic Monkeys and The 1975. To keep your playlist updated in the new year, here are six new album releases worthy of streaming this month.

1. Drake: Scary Hours EP

Release date: Jan. 19

Although this extended play runs short in length with only two tracks, if there’s anyone who can get away with it, it’s Toronto’s very own. The intro to the EP, “God’s Plan,” is an instant banger that you will immediately add to your party playlist. The song has the infectious, catchy, upbeat vibe you would expect from Drake. The next track, “Diplomatic Immunity,” isn’t a melodic song, but it’s not meant to be. Drake is reminding us that he definitely can rap, in case you’ve forgotten. He’s making a statement by releasing two songs and it’s obvious they’re meant to go together.

2. Camila Cabello: Camila

Release date: Jan. 12

Top Tracks: Never Be The Same, Havana, She Loves Control, Into It

Former Fifth Harmony lead Camila Cabello released her much anticipated album on Jan. 12. The album features the hit “Havana,” which reached number one this week on the Billboard 100. The album also debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 albums chart. This highly-praised album will get you in your feels as a lot of the songs are about lost love. Camila’s voice is relaxing, raspy and sexy all in one and makes you want to sing along. “She Loves Control” has a contagious, reggaeton rhythm to it that will make you think you’re listening to a Major Lazer track and want to get up and dance. “Into It” really showcases Cabello’s vocal talent. Overall, this album is deserving of its number one ranking and will definitely maintain its spot on the charts for weeks to come.

3. Justine Skye: Ultraviolet

Release date: Jan. 19

Top Tracks: U Don’t Know, Back For More, Don’t Think About It

R&B artist Justine Skye’s new album Ultraviolet is easy to listen to as background music while starting off your day. It’s filled with smooth melodic songs, but Skye satisfies with upbeat tracks as well like “Don’t Think About It” and the Jeremih collab “Back For More.” Skye and Jeremih work seamlessly together on this track. “U Don’t Know,” featuring Wizkid, is another catchy song on the album. Wizkid’s voice can instantly lift your spirit and make you want to dance.

4. Dave East: Paranoia 2

Release Date: Jan. 16

Top Tracks: Talk to Big, Woke Up, Powder, Annoying

His third album in six months, rap artist Dave East never sleeps and continues to please fans with P2. This fifteen-track album shows the raw gift of rapping East possesses, which allows him to produce music so rapidly. As he has demonstrated in the past like on his track “Keisha,” East story-tells on P2 while effortlessly flowing words off his tongue. The first track on the album, “Talk to Big”, showcases East’s talented rapping. “Woke Up” is a nice addition to the album with Tory Lanez’s angelic voice submerged into the hook.

5. Fetty Wap: For My Fans Vol. 3

Release date: Jan. 19

Top Tracks: Could You Believe It, Love the Way, Text Me (feat. Monty)

Fetty Wap has dropped another feel-good, party album. The album was initially uploaded back in September 2015 on SoundCloud but was kept on private. The album became public on Jan. 19 and follows For My Fans Vol. 1 and 2. With multiple features from Fetty’s hometown friend Monty, this project is perfect to bob your head to. As shown in the title, this album is dedicated to the fans. Each song is about love and positive vibes and will lift your mood.

6. Fall Out Boy: M A N I A

Release date: Jan. 19

Top Tracks: HOLD ME TIGHT OR DON’T, Wilson, Church

Fall Out Boy makes a return for the new year with their seventh album, M A N I A. This album epitomizes nostalgia and delivers the rock-combined-with-pop feel you expect and love from Fall Out Boy. Even if you never had a specific Fall Out Boy “phase,” just hearing the band’s name is bound to bring back memories from middle school. “Young and Menace” brings in a new, dubstep sound from the band, but other tracks such as “Wilson” will remind you of the band’s classic sound.

What was your favourite album release from January? Let us know in the comments below or via Twitter @RUtvNews.

(Header photo courtesy of Headline Planet/Epic Records)

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