RSU VP operations says Emberson exit a big loss

(By: Angela McLean)

Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) vice-president operations Ali Yousaf said Lauren Emberson’s resignation from the board will have a huge impact on students.

Emberson, who was elected as the vice-president student life and events in February 2017, announced her resignation from the executive team Jan. 8 in a statement posted to Facebook. She cited professional differences and personal stress as reasons she could no longer continue the role “in good conscience.”

Lauren Emberson’s headshot for the RSU. (Photo courtesy of RSU)

One of her last assignments was planning the events for this semester’s Week of Welcome, which kicks off Mon., Jan. 15. Yousaf said the current executive will carry out those events, but the rest of her portfolio remains without leadership.

“Everything regarding student groups and events will slow down and of course it will make a difference for students but we will try our best to cover as much as we can,” Yousaf said.

According to the RSU’s website, nominations for the 2018-19 RSU executive open Jan. 22, with elections taking place Feb. 13-15. Yousaf said no plans have been made to change the process for filling the vice-president student life and events position.

“The president has to appoint someone and the entire board ratifies that person with a two-third majority,” Yousaf said.

The next executive meeting is scheduled for Jan. 15, and Yousaf hopes they will discuss the resignation and electoral process in more detail.

“Whoever the person is I think will be [decided] after elections like, whoever wins the election we’ll basically offer them the position but that’s just my opinion. I don’t know where other executives stand on it.”

Personally, Yousaf said he will miss seeing Emberson in the office.

“She was a really great help to me inside and outside of the office,” he said. “Right now it’s a really weird feeling not to see her in the office. Definitely going to miss her.”

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(Header photo: Courtesy of Ali Yousaf)

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