RSU executive Lauren Emberson resigns from position

(By: Angela McLean)

Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) vice-president student life and events Lauren Emberson has resigned from her position, citing professional differences and personal stress.

Lauren Emberson’s headshot for the RSU. (Photo courtesy of RSU)

In a statement posted on the RSU’s Facebook page Jan. 8, Emberson said her work was repeatedly “held in check” by other members who disagreed with her. As a result, she lacked the support needed to create change for students.

She also went on to say the position’s toll on her mental, emotional and physical health had become “too much to ignore.”

“Student government has the potential to change lives on campus, and while in many cases it has succeeded, I am deeply sorry for all of the times that office politics have been prioritized over serving students,” she wrote.

Full statement from the Ryerson Students’ Union’s VP student life and events Lauren Emberson regarding her resignation. (Photo courtesy of RSU/Facebook)

Emberson was elected to her position in February 2017, taking over previous executive Harman Singh. His final months with the RSU were riddled with controversy around the mismanaging of 6 Fest finances and a long run of complaints about ticket refunds.

In response to a comment on Facebook that was trying to narrow down the “political beef” that led to her decision to resign, Emberson wrote, “I mean there are plenty of instances that have added up over the course of my term but I don’t think throwing others under the bus is productive or professional.”

Daniel Lis, the current RSU vice-president education, left a message of support on Emberson’s post.

“You leave big shoes to fill. The office won’t be the same without you but I know you have bigger things ahead of you.”

Nominations for the 2018-19 RSU executive open Jan. 22, with elections taking place Feb. 13-15. It has yet to be said whether Emberson’s early exit will affect the search for a new vice-president student life and events.

(Header photo: Isabelle Kirkwood/RUtv News)

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