Review: The Look Back Now’s Halloween themed concert in Toronto

(By: Laura Dalton)

A combo of three pop punk bands performed at Kensington Market’s Handlebar Oct. 28 for an adoring crowd.

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The Look Back Now played “Collections” of their debut EP ‘Dweeb’ on Oct. 29, 2017. (Laura Dalton/RUtv News)

On the bill were headliners The Look Back Now and support acts Run Maggie Run and The Vikkies.

The bar buzzed with the strums of the guitar and the beat of the drum as the opening band, The Vikkies, took the stage. They were dressed as four French mimes as an early Halloween treat.

Under the purple glow of the stage lights, they started their set with “Closing Eyes in Sunrise,” a slow-strumming love song with an alternative twist to modern pop. Frontman Pete Casey gave the audience a good warm up with his soft, high-pitched crooning. The set also included “Let’s Stop,” “2 B Free” and “Next to You.”

Next up was Hamilton-based Run Maggie Run. They opened for the first time with their hit “Lion Tamer,” and the crowd welcomed the fast tempo and passionate moans of lead vocalist Gavin Rees. The group transitioned into a slower, more ominous interlude as Jared Gour, dressed as Abraham Lincoln, blessed the crowd with a keyboard solo. Their set began to pick up when they incorporated maracas into one of their songs as vocalist Rees was eventually drowned out by the drums.

(Video credit: Laura Dalton/RUtv News)

Finally, headliner The Look Back Now took the stage as the lights flashed red. The crowd inched closer as the band played each song from their recently released EP ‘Dweeb,’ followed by some covers from Weezer, the Talking Heads, and The Clash. Guitarist Ezra Sherman then took over the mic from lead Elliott Gallagher-Doucette for a shirtless cover of “Clint Eastwood” by Gorillaz. After numerous jeers and cheers, they finished their set to the anguish of the crowd.

You can catch The Look Back Now along with Run Maggie Run at their next show on Nov. 17 at Mills Hardware in Hamilton.

Check out our most recent review with The Look Back Now frontman (and Ryerson student) Elliott Gallagher-Doucette here, and stay tuned for a new chat with the band!

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