Canadian designer goes “behind the seams” of his collections at Ryerson

(By: Sara Kandil and Jasmine Bala)

Canadian designer and Ryerson fashion alumni David Dixon aims to spark conversation with his collections.

The designer, who has collaborated with Hudson’s Bay and Barbie, sat down at the Sandbox by DMZ Friday morning to go “behind the seams” of his collections as part of Toronto Women’s Fashion Week, which wrapped up on Saturday. He discussed the inspiration for his designs during a runway show at the event that featured a look from each of his collections.

One of his collections was inspired by ovarian cancer, the illness he lost his sister to. After her death, Dixon decided to use his platform to spread awareness about the cancer. Even without a press release or any media coverage prior to the fashion show, he was still able to get the discussion going with his thoughtful designs.

Dixon said seeing how people interpret his clothing is one of the most interesting aspects of his job.

“A collection is a language,” he explained.

From drawing in high school to launching his design career, Dixon said he has always been able to communicate his ideas best through visuals.

For his Barbie collection, Dixon said he “wanted to market wearability as well as what Barbie represented to so many people.”

Wearability was a common theme in all of his designs and we can expect to see more variation in Dixon’s work as he continues experimenting with design and fabrics.

Click the photos below to read more about the collection each piece is part of and Dixon’s inspiration behind it.

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