Blue Jays 2017 season summary

(By: Stephanie Liu)

The Blue Jays were faced with an unexpected turn of events this season.

After making it to the ALCS in the previous two seasons, the Blue Jays won’t be a part of this year’s postseason. From having players named to the disabled list week after week, to making miraculous comebacks in ninth innings, this season was still one to remember.

The Jays picked up 15 losses in 25 games to start the regular season, with a seven game losing streak from Apr. 7-14. There were also 25 different players on the disabled list this season, including fan-favourites Josh Donaldson and Troy Tulowitzki. Over 50 per cent of the club’s payroll was listed on the DL in May.

Although the Blue Jays were challenged with a list of injuries, other players on the roster were given a chance to step up to the plate.

Justin Smoak became a regular on the starting lineup this year. The 2017 all-star brought in 85 runs and 90 RBIs this season, setting a new career high. The 30-year-old even set a Blue Jays record when he hit 35 homers in August, topping Jose Cruz Jr. and claiming the title of most home runs by a switch-hitter in franchise history.

The Toronto Blue Jays ended the season with 76 wins and 86 losses, placing fourth in the AL East division this year. Though the team scored 693 runs, they fell 17 games back from clinching the AL East title.

Though fans will not see the birds on the field during the postseason, there were many memorable plays for the books.

Visit our timeline to see some of the top moments from the Blue Jays 2017 regular season.

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