Rams Spirit Wear unveils metallic collection

(By: Madison MacNeil and Nick Baxter)

Ryerson Rams Spirit Wear unveiled their metallic collection at the Student Learning Centre yesterday (Oct. 3).

In the form of a pop-up shop in the middle of the SLC lobby, the Spirit Wear team offered a first glimpse of their new collection to students.

Jeff Giles, director of business development for Ryerson Athletics, said this collection was an attempt to bring all students together.

“Our goal with our spirit wear program is to convey a personality or attitude so that everyone will proudly want to wear our gear whether they play sports or not,” said Giles. “We want everyone at Ryerson to think of themselves as a Ram and to show their pride in their school by wearing the gear everywhere.”

Spirit Wear collaborates with Ryerson fashion students when deciding what trends would appeal to most students.

Giles says the metallic collection has a bit of an edge to it which the team believes appeals to a different crowd.

Daniel Demedeiros, Spirit Wear’s social media co-ordinator, said they like to keep things simple.

“We’re pretty traditional with our gear,” said Demedeiros. “We mostly like to stick with our sweaters and T-shirts which people can mix and match with street wear.”

Nike provides sponsorship for the group, using their expertise to design clothes that are in fashion.

“We are very limited because we are sponsored by Nike so we don’t have much wiggle room with the designs,” said Demedeiros. “We kind of just give them our logo and collaborate from there.”

Rams Spirit Wear is available year-round at Ryerson’s Mattamy Athletic Centre and includes athletic wear, hats, T-shirts, sweaters and sweat pants.

To see what this year has to offer, visit Rams Spirit Wear on social media by following them on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

See additional photos of the new collection’s launch below.

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