RSU giving 6 Fest second try with new Sundown festival

(By: Angela McLean)

While the anger and upset over last year’s “6 Fest mess” still lingers around campus, the new Ryerson Students’ Union executive hopes to regain the trust of students with a new music-centered event happening this week.

Sundown Music Festival was announced on the RSU’s social media earlier this month. The festival, scheduled for this Friday (Sept. 22), will feature performances by Miguel, Joey Bada$$, The Skins and more. In comparison to 6 Fest, where artists were spread across two days, Sundown’s lineup will be squeezed into a single evening, running from 4-11 p.m.

Sundown Music Festival posters taped to the RSU sign outside the Student Campus Centre at Ryerson. (Photo credit: Angela McLean/RUtv News)

While it is certainly distinct from 6 Fest, there are a number of similarities. For one, both 6 Fest and Sundown’s lineups share a heavy R&B and rap influence. Also, Sundown is being held in an open lot located at 20 Polson St. across from REBEL nightclub, which is just around the corner from last year’s location for 6 Fest.

Additionally, Miguel, who was announced in the second round of the line-up, is no stranger to the RSU; he was scheduled to play on campus during Week of Welcome in September 2015. His appearance was cancelled without a formal explanation to students a few hours before the event started. That night marked Drake’s first surprise performance at Ryerson.

In their weekly e-newsletter, the RSU executive shared a co-signed statement anticipating students’ concerns.

“It has been a big couple of years with concerts at Ryerson, but we recognize that with those successes there have been shortcomings,” the statement reads in part. “[W]e are extremely pleased to present to you Sundown, an event that not only boasts a solid line-up of artists, but one that provides a great experience, one that you can come away from feeling proud to be at Ryerson.”

In addition to musical performances, Sundown will feature a Roots pop-up store, custom T-shirt booths, on-site contests and sponsor activations.

Erin Nancoo, a third-year business management student, is a big fan of Miguel and purchased tickets as soon as he was announced.

“The fact that it was only $26 is also exciting as a student on a budget,” she said. “I personally didn’t think 6 Fest was that bad. I guess people were just mad that Big Sean backed out, so as long as the headliners pull through this time I think it’ll go smoothly.”

Students were quick to react to news of the event on social media, with some even raising questions about yet-unfulfilled 6 Fest refunds.

One thing is for sure: the RSU has made it clear that they are ready to give this festival their all.

“No surprises, no tricks. This is Sundown.”

Tickets for Sundown Music Festival, a 16+ event, are available online for $25. Stay tuned for RUtv News’ coverage!

(Header photo via Ryerson Students’ Union)

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