EXCLUSIVE: Astrid S talks ‘Party’s Over’ and girl power

(By: Angela McLean)

Despite the name of her forthcoming EP, the party is definitely not over for Norweigan singer-songwriter Astrid S; in fact, it is just getting started.

First, take it back to 2015 when an 18-year-old Astrid released her first major label single, “2AM.” Fellow Norweigan producer Matoma not only remixed the track but also invited Astrid to sing on “Running Out,” their smash single which has amassed over 130 million spins on Spotify. Astrid continued on her fast-paced trajectory to pop stardom in 2016 with a string of successful singles including “Hurts So Good,” off her debut self-titled EP, and “Breathe.” Now, Astrid is giving her dedicated Astrids a new reason to celebrate with ‘Party’s Over,’ her sophomore EP due out June 30.

RUtv News sat down with Astrid on her recent trip to Toronto to chat about her fresh sound, summer playlist and girl power.

Astrid S snapped and digitally signed a selfie for us during our interview in Toronto.

You gave us a taste of your new music with your new single “Party’s Over.” What can we expect from the rest of the ‘Party’s Over’ EP?

It’s music in the same direction as my past stuff. I just think I’ve really evolved as a writer and with the production and the sound I’m closer to where I want it to be. It has a lush pop sound and I’ve been writing it for the past year.

Do you have a favourite song that you have released to date?

That’s a really hard question! I’ve really loved “Bloodstream” but I also love “Hurts So Good.” It’s like picking a favourite of your kids – I love them all!

Who are some of your musical inspirations?

I don’t have one particular artist; there’s just a bunch of songs from different artists that I listen to for inspiration. Because of streaming it’s so easy to just make a playlist and put anything you want in it. So, it can be anything from piano ballads to more indie pop. I’m inspired by everything!

What is on your playlist this summer?

There’s a Norweigan indie band that I listen to called Hajk. They’re not very well known at all but I love them. I also listen to Tove Styrke. She’s Swedish and she’s great. Then, I have the new Shawn Mendes song (“There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back”) on my playlist. I love him! He was just in Oslo near where I’m from, so it’s pretty funny that I’m over here where he’s from.

Astrid S posing for a selfie in 2016 with friend and labelmate Shawn Mendes and former tour partner Troye Sivan. (Photo courtesy of Shawn Mendes on Twitter)

Many of your fans have praised you for being a champion of girl power. How does that make you feel?

I think that’s the best compliment I can get. If people feel like I’m a good role model for girls, I carry a lot of pride in that and I take that very seriously. I hope that I inspire girls to be independent and follow their dreams.

Who are some of your girl power inspirations?

I love Emma Watson and Jennifer Lawrence. They’re very outspoken and politically engaged, which I love. They’re also just great role models for me, who wants to be a good role model too.

This is your first time in Canada! Can you give your Canadian fans any timeline for your return and possibly some shows?

I would LOVE to come here this fall. There’s going to be a tour in the fall and I’m very excited about touring again. I really hope that I’m coming back here.

Astrid S in a promo shoot for her ‘Party’s Over’ EP. (Photographed by Stian Andersen)

You have only been here for less than a day, but what has been your favourite thing about Toronto so far?

My favourite thing is probably the people. I think they’re very friendly and laidback and funny. The stereotype is true!

What is the biggest thing you miss while on the road?

I’m just so homebound. I love Norway and my friends and my apartment so I always just look forward to going home and sleeping in my own bed. But I really do love traveling to new places and meeting new people.

Do you have any message you want to send to your fans?

Be nice to each other and look out for each other and be friends.

Thank you, Astrid S! ‘Party’s Over’ drops June 30. If you want to hear the songs performed live, stay tuned as Astrid announces her fall tour dates this Monday, June 5!

(Header photo photographed by Stian Andersen)

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