Review: John Mayer brought his Search to Toronto

(By: Nick Baxter)

John Mayer had the whole Air Canada Centre harmonizing Monday night as he returned to Toronto in the midst of releasing a new album. The singer/songwriter decided to take a creative approach to the release of ‘The Search for Everything’ by only releasing four songs every month until the album is complete. When he arrived in Toronto, eight of his new songs had been heard by the masses.

Mayer brought his creativity with him to the stage as well, and it made for a very unique show. The stage itself was pretty small compared to the 17,000 strong at the ACC, but it created an intimate setting as his melodic voice and his electric guitar resonated through the arena. The concert was separated into chapters, each showcasing a different aspect of his musical ability leaving everyone mind-blown. One involved a duet with Toronto’s own Shawn Mendes.

1. Full Band

The world-renowned rock star opened with a few of his classics to get the crowd into it. With a full band behind him, Mayer left the crowd in awe with the way his songs were performed.


Before finally saying hello to the crowd, Mayer and his band had already played three songs. He did not speak much but he sure let his music do the talking. The artist took many chances to shred his electric guitar, taking the lead for multiple captivating guitar solos throughout the show.


2. Acoustic

The building erupted when the word “acoustic” slowly appeared on the screen emerging from the darkness. All of a sudden Mayer was alone on stage with his acoustic guitar sitting in front of his microphone. Judging by the atmosphere, this was what his fans were waiting for and he did not disappoint.

Singer/songwriter Shawn Mendes joined Mayer on stage after a humble introduction from his elder. Mayer let the crowd know that he admired the “hometown boy,” and that he saw a lot of himself in Mendes.


The two performed two duets, and Mayer even helped Mendes performed his hit song “Mercy.”

3. Trio

This part of the concert was really special for Mayer and two of his band-mates. At this point, the screen was split into three, showing Mayer, bassist Pino Palladino and drummer Steve Jordan. The three musicians formed a trio back in 2005, and Mayer explained how important it was for him to be back on tour alongside them.

“It feels so good to be able to share the stage with these amazing artists again,” Mayer said.


4. Full Band (Reprise)

The rest of the band came back on stage to finish the show on a high note. After many slow jams, they performed a couple of more up-beat songs, most of which were from ‘The Search for Everything,’ including his newest hit “Still Feel Like Your Man.”


5. Epilogue

With nothing left to prove after a 90-minute performance, Mayer returned to the stage all by himself and blew everyone away one more time. Some could argue that an encore should be a classic song that everybody knows. Instead, Mayer played “You’re Gonna Live Forever in Me,” one of his new songs, on the piano. Barely anyone was sitting, the arena was black, the stage was white and for a final moment everything was beautiful.


Mayer will make one more stop in Toronto on Aug. 29 before wrapping up the tour in Noblesville, Indiana on Sept. 3.

(Credit for all media: Nick Baxter/RUtv News)

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