Review: Bastille kicked off North American tour with a bang in Toronto

(By: Valerie Dittrich)

Despite being extremely jet-lagged and exhausted from spending the day prior touring the city, the London-based indie-pop band Bastille kept fans dancing to the rhythm of the night during the kick-off show of their North American tour.

The crowd slowly filled the seats of the Air Canada Centre on Mar. 24, eventually becoming an almost full house by the time the main act took the stage. The band had just returned from the European leg of their Wild, Wild World Tour to promote their sophomore album of a similar name (‘Wild World’).

They started their eccentric set with their trumpet-filled hit “Send Them Off!” accompanied by what frontman Dan Smith calls his “bad dancing.”

The setlist consisted of a mix of tracks from their previous albums and mixtapes while songs from their most recent record dominated the show. Of course, fan classics like “Oblivion” and “Laura Palmer” were showcased and Smith daringly stepping off stage to perform in the middle of the general admission pit during “Flaws.”

“It’s Friday night!” Smith exclaimed to the crowd, turning around to his bandmates. “Wait, it is Friday, right? Oh, good, that would be awkward if it wasn’t.”

The show continued with uplifting tunes like “The Currents”, “Bad Blood” and “The Anchor,” which was voted by the band’s Twitter followers to be played that night.

“This is a song about hope,” Smith said when introducing the song. “It’s a bit different from the rest of our sad songs.”

Bastille took the audience through a whirlwind of emotions – through sadness in “Four Walls”, to excitement in “Of The Night.” During the song “Glory”, three jumbo screens told the story of the band’s album cover for ‘Wild World,’ which features members of the band on the roof of a skyscraper in New York City.

Finally, the show ended with their top hit, “Pompeii,” as fans got on their feet and danced along with Smith and the rest of the band to celebrate the ending of a successful first show.

Bastille is a band that gives a certain feeling to the concert experience: interacting with fans on a new level and a contagious energy that can be felt around the whole venue. Their catchy tunes and energetic vibe gives each person watching their own personal experience or moment that resonates with them.

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