Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole return to TSN

(By: Hilary Punchard)

Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole, the beloved Sportcentre anchors, have come back to TSN.

Courtesy of TSN.

Onrait and O’Toole are well known in sports coverage for their television and podcast shows. They worked at FS1 in the United States for the past four years on the main sports highlight show. With the cancelling of the Fox Sports Live show, Canadians find a silver lining as the sports broadcast icons make their way back to Toronto.

“You could say it was an amicable divorce,” said Onrait. “It was a friendly parting of the ways and we couldn’t be happier to end up at TSN.”

The two left TSN in 2013 for Fox Sports Live, but they are more than excited to be back at the network many Canadians grew up watching them on.

“TSN is home. TSN is Canada’s sports leader and they’ve always been amazing to Jay and I. The fact that they are welcoming us back with open arms, we couldn’t be more thrilled,” said O’Toole.

O’Toole: “We’re just two Canadian guys who love sports.”

The duo is known for their personalities. They bring character and wry humour into their work.

“We know that there’s lots of places you can go to get your sports information now and we don’t pretend to be the only source, but we deliver it in a really unique way,” said Onrait.

Onrait and O’Toole are also popular for their sports podcast. It is a weekly show that entertains listeners with their distinct chemistry and banter, guests and personal thoughts.

“The thing to take away from our podcast is that we are regular humans. We’re regular guys that you can sit down and have a beer with. We want people to realize that we don’t put on TV personas,” said O’Toole.

When you talk to the duo it is evident that they do not just report on sports – they live sports. It is the passion that they bring to their work that contributes to their success.

On March 1, TSN announced the return of Onrait and O’Toole to Toronto to host a new show called SC with Jay and Dan.

“We signed a long-term deal with TSN and we are really excited to come back to Toronto,” said Onrait.

“The biggest thing we like to put across when doing the sports highlights show is, ‘Hey these guys are actually sports fans! I could hang out with them. I’d have a beer,’” said O’Toole.

Their new show is set to premier in fall of this year. Canadians are more than excited to welcome the duo back into their sports news consumption.

“A lot of people told us, ‘We start our day with you guys every single day!’ We can’t wait to be a part of Canadian families’ lives again,” said O’Toole.

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