RSU Election Results

(By: Andrea Josic)

Spark and Elevate dominated the executive board after RSU election results were released last night and our mock polls predicted similar results.

VP of Student Life and Events, Lauren Emberson, and VP of Education, Daniel Lis, share a hug after the results are announced at the Ram in the Rye. (Photo credit: Andrea Josic/RUtv News)

When voting opened on Feb. 6, RUtv News posted a mock poll where students could mimic the votes they placed on their my.ryerson accounts.

The online poll predicted Ohana’s Neal Muthreja as the new RSU president. In the elections, Elevate’s Susanne Nyaga won by over 400 votes. Despite placing third in the online poll for president, Harman Singh was second place behind Nyaga.

All the other executive positions remained true to the polls – Daniel Lis won VP of Education, Lauren Emberson won VP of Student Life and Events, Camryn Harlick won VP of Equity and Ali Yousaf won VP of Operations.

Executive positions in which Spark did not win, Elevate was a close second and vice-versa. In the online poll, Ohana was a close second in the VP of Education, VP of Equity and VP of Operations.

The reason for these different results is most likely that the people who voted for Ohana in the elections participated more in the online polls.

RUtv News chatted with the newly-elected RSU executives minutes after results were released. Watch their post-win reactions below.

Your complete 2017 RSU Election results are as follows (winners’ names are bolded):


Susanne Nyaga (Elevate) 2245
Harman Singh (Spark) 2061
Neal Muthreja (Ohana) 1438
Noor Gangi (Rhino) 457
Madeline Sialtsis (Rhino) 207
Julian True (Rhino) 173

Vice-President Education

Daniel Lis (Spark) 2108
Vajdaan Tanveer (Elevate) 1923
Natalia Burgos (Ohana) 1336
Parul Verma (Rhino) 561
Steven Dong 200

Vice-President Equity

Camryn Harlick (Elevate) 2085
Taran Saini (Spark) 1862
Nima Hersi (Ohana) 1255
Andrew Maclean-Bowman (Rhino) 406
Judy Wang (Rhino) 368

Vice-President Operations

Ali Yousaf (Spark) 2216
Kevan Davidson (Elevate) 2145
Mayank Verma (Ohana) 1327

Vice-President Student Life & Events

Lauren Emberson (Spark) 2210
Stephan Allen (Elevate) 2030
Shazman Uddin (Ohana) 1198
Zrinka Vlasic (Rhino) 616

Faculty of Arts (4 seats)

Claire Davis (Elevate) 391
Gabby Skwarko (Elevate) 348
Adam Asmar (Elevate) 347
Andrew Hight (Elevate) 339
Salman Faruqi (Spark) 235
Kenzie Gregory (Spark) 209
Katiana Moussa (Spark) 209
Junior Simpson (Spark) 192
Daniel Silva (Ohana) 119
Luba Leong (Ohana) 90

Faculty of Communication and Design (5 seats)

Asia Aoki [Elevate] 381
Robyn Matuto [Elevate] 344
Franci Dimtrovska [Elevate] 317
Serena Kwok [Spark] 309
Hollie Olenik [Elevate] 302
Liz Kostic [Elevate] 263
Leia Comegna [Spark] 244
Emily Eymundson [Spark] 233
Mac Thomson [Spark] 210
Sara Layton [Spark] 197
Sydney Weinstock [Ohana] 197
Sarah Shtern [Ohana] 181
Eleesa Jacob [Ohana] 144
Sara Polsinelli [Ohana] 121

Faculty of Community Services (5 seats)

Chelsea Davenport [Spark] 440
Maryan Issa [Elevate] 425
Ricky Huang [Spark] 417
Elizabeth Bala [Elevate] 407
Johannah Brown [Elevate] 400
Alex Gaio [Spark] 379
Chrys Saget-Richard [Elevate] 370
Ram Ragupathy [Spark] 360
Josh Lamers [Elevate] 355
Racheli Mandelker [Spark] 323
Simran Rattan [Ohana] 117
Jason King [Ohana] 114
Erin Reeve-Newson [Ohana] 93

Faculty of Engineering and Architecture (5 seats)

Reza Khonsari [Spark] 582
Obaid Ullah [Spark] 522
Youssef Helmy [Spark] 446
Sarah Bailey [Spark] 424
Sameer Naumani [Ohana] 398*
Macarena Soncini [Spark] 398*
Luisa Gonzalez [Ohana] 324
Maulik Vora [Ohana] 281
Amsanaa Chandrakumar [Ohana] 248
Meghan Keegan [Rhinoceros Party] 238
Domenic Marchese [Rhino Party] 183
Satchel French [Elevate] 149
Leon Nsengiyumva [Elevate] 108
Matthew Martire [Elevate] 98
Jonathan Robin [Elevate] 87
Brian Yip [Elevate] 79
Nadeem Younas 68

*A follow-up round of voting will be held to break the tie between Naumani [Ohana] and Soncini [Spark.]

Faculty of Science (3 seats)

Nathan Fernandes [Spark] 211
Michael Knutson [Spark] 185
Lola Faseyi [Spark] 175
Michel Kiflen [Elevate] 170
Khadidja Dib [Elevate] 146
Maryam Golbazi [Ohana] 133
Evan Almeida 90
Mustafa Malick [Ohana] 84
Reshma Nair [Ohana] 73
Damilola Faseyi [Spark] (number unlisted)

Ted Rogers School of Management (7 seats)

Maria Lionti [Ohana] 719
Kianoush Alizadeh [Ohana] 680
Shiri Gawrielman [Ohana] 662
Nick Nguyen [Ohana] 651
Mathew Catangui [Ohana] 642
Nick Katrantzidis [Ohana] 618
Savreen Gosal [Ohana] 616
Ahmed Abdul [Spark] 561
Ankit Kumar [Spark] 465
Jay Mehta [Spark] 428
Natasha Sheward [Spark] 402
Negin Shirandasht [Spark] 395
Paul Osinski [Spark] 386
Rahat Kabir [Elevate] 313
Angie Abakumova [Elevate] 312
Razi Syed [Spark] 310
Michael Bonomo [Elevate] 301
Suzanna Lem [Elevate] 274
Andrew Walker [Elevate] 274
Chantal Ostrander [Elevate] 274
Ravneet Sohi [Spark] (number unlisted)
Vinu Selvaratnam (number unlisted)

Graduate Chairperson

Bhutila Karpoche [Elevate] 45
Manikandan Murugappan [Spark] 44

Graduate Deputy Chairperson Education

Talena Jackson-Martineau [Elevate] 49
Cristina Mazza [Rhino] 10
Adrianna Militano [Spark] 41

Graduate Deputy Chairperson Finance

Ammar Akhtar [Spark] 57
Isuru Weerasekera [Rhino] 18

Graduate Deputy Chairperson Student Life

Samson Romero [Elevate] 50
Parth Parekh [Spark] 37

International Representative

Sohaib Hassan [Spark] 131
Jayden Pereira [Ohana] 51
Polina Shiverskaya [Rhino] 26

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