Student guide on slates running for RSU Election

(By: Andrea Josic)

With elections coming up February 6-8 and parties campaigning all over campus, students may find it difficult to make a vote. An executive member from each party agreed to provide insight into their campaigns so students can make an informed vote.

This year’s elections feature four slates: Spark, Elevate, Ohana and Rhino. The following features a voice from each party on the first actions they’d take once elected.



-Implementing a UPass, which would include major transit organizations such as TTC and GO, included in your tuition to get rid of the barriers involved in commuting.

-Drop-in hours, so students are able to reach the RSU at any point to facilitate open communication.

“Spark is a group of people we brought together to define and create a better sense of community on campus. Typically, in student politics it tends to be the same people year after year. I think not only bringing people who know about RSU and politics but bringing in a diverse range of students who are able to engage wider audiences allows new voices to be heard.”- Lauren Emberson, Vice-President of Student Life and Events of Spark.



-Increase the number of counsellors on campus and other mental health resources that are easily accessible.

-Increase student spaces and safe spaces by making use of empty classrooms.

“We stand for the students, we stand for a system where students can approach us, speak to us, ask us about the work we’re doing and we can be held accountable. Where students can visit us and see the progress and updates and promises we’re making.”– Susanne Nyaga, President of Elevate.



-Bring the RSU out of debt by implementing a five-year plan.

-Improve communication between the RSU and the students by hosting town halls every other month and not discussing motions but discussing exactly what the RSU is doing.

“After completing almost a year in the RSU, I realized there are certain things that we need to change for the organization’s sustainability in the long run. That’s why I created my own slate.”- Neal Muthreja, President of Ohana.

Rhino Party

rhino party.jpg

-Replace all RSU staff with therapy dogs

-Build larger windows in the entire RSU to increase transparency

“I think the one thing that makes us different is that we say it like it is. We’re not using big terminology we’re not trying to confuse students, we’re telling you that what we see is wrong. The people running for RSU now have been on it in the past and look how ineffective they’ve been.”- Noor Gangi, one of three Presidents of Rhino.

Students are able to vote Feb 6-8 either through their my.ryerson account or at school at the following polling stations: LIB, KHE, TRS, SHE, ENG, RCC, VIC, SLC. Students choose one individual for each executive position from any party. Students vote on a number of directors to represent their faculty – the number of directors varies for each faculty. Choices are not just limited to one party – students can choose from various parties for each position.

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