Gift guide: 5 holiday gift ideas inspired by the Internet

(By: Angela McLean)

Christmas is quickly approaching and we couldn’t be more excited! But, if you’re anything like us, you’re probably scrambling last minute for the perfect gift to give to your friends and family (and maybe even yourself.)

For the Internet addicts in your life, check out these 5 great gift ideas.

Holy Meme Bible

Holy Méme Bible

With the rise of Pepe the Frog, white Vans, the hilarious bromance between Biden and Obama, somehow the Bee Movie, and perhaps the clenching of Arthur’s fist, 2016 was a meme year for the books. Enter the Holy Méme Bible. It features 16 pages of the year’s best memes in every fun form you can imagine – colouring pages, word searches, crossword puzzles and mazes. “This year has been tough for a lot of people, especially people of minority groups in the United States,” said the book’s creator and fellow internet fanatic, Jason Wong. “A lot of us turned to internet memes to laugh, to distract ourselves from the real world, and that is something that I want to remember.”

Norm Kelly - Too Lit to Politic

Norm Merch

Toronto’s favourite city councillor, Norm Kelly, earned international fame after joining in the Meek Mill/Drake drama in 2015. This year, Norm has kept us laughing with his commentary on life in the 6 and witty responses to trends like the Evil Kermit memes. Take your love for the 6Dad offline this season with a Too Lit to Politic crewneck or T-shirt. They’re available in his official shop, which previously stocked Normnaments and clever Christmas cards before they sold out.

Feminist Ryan Gosling

Feminism Illustrated by Ryan Gosling

Canadian actor Ryan Gosling has been an internet staple for years, not only wowing people with his acting chops (this year’s La La Land, anyone?) but also spinning off LOL-worthy memes like 2013’s “Ryan Gosling won’t eat his cereal.” Blogger Danielle Henderson and her friends combined their love for Ryan with the feminist theories they were studying at school and started the Feminist Ryan Gosling blog, which quickly became a mass hit. Check out the best from the blog as well as some new material exclusive to this book.

Mophie powerstation XL

Mophie Portable Charger

When Mophie first released its charging cases for the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy, it was the gift we’d been waiting a lifetime for, even if they were a little bulky and only available in a solid colour. Now, Mophie has joined the juice pack game with their powerstation portable chargers that allow users to charge two devices at once. The powerstation XL says it can charge your device eight times and does so while still being sleek, lightweight and time-efficient. Say hello to accessorizing your phone as you please and no longer having to frantically search for an outlet. For people who live on their phones, this is definitely the “it” gift!

Plush Tech Gloves

Plush Tech Gloves

Have you ever found your fingers too cold to send a text while you’re outside during the frigid winter months? Plush tech gloves are the solution you need. The gloves, like these $12 ones we found from Urban Outfitters, are made with conductive thread on the fingertips so you can keep typing while still keeping your hands nice and toasty. Take that, winter chill!

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