Review: Lecrae’s Destination Tour in Toronto had a slow start but big finish

(By: Sindi Dulluku)

American hip-hop artist Lecrae performed at the Mod Club Theatre on Nov. 2 and, despite a few shortcomings at the start, fans seemed to love it.

One of the most unanticipated moments of the evening took place before the show began. As people were lining up for the concert, three men stood outside the Mod Club using a megaphone to condemn Lecrae, a Christian artist, and his fans to hell.

Their main message was that Lecrae and supporters of his music are “worldly” and have misconstrued the message of the bible, also calling Lecrae and his supporters “Christianity pimps.”

(Photo credit: Sindi Dulluku/RUtv News)
Protestors outside of Lecrae’s Toronto show condemned the artist and his fans. (Photo credit: Sindi Dulluku/RUtv News)

Some attendees responded with laughter or sarcastic cheer. Others chose to ignore their proclamations entirely. Regardless of their approach, fans altogether were not impressed with the comments being spewed at them.

“It’s a little bit frustrating for me. It just seems opposite to what the gospel preaches,” said Rick Post.

“I wasn’t expecting to come to a Lecrae concert and be condemned for choosing to support somebody who I believe is a messenger from God,” said Karey Wiersma.

The combination of rainy weather, a long lineup, rebuke upon arrival and a packed venue with no seating made for a “slow start,” said fan Uju Chukwurah. But despite their early frustration, fans were not going to let their night be ruined.

Swooped in at the last minute

The show was scheduled to start with singer Ambre as Lecrae’s opener but two hours before the show it was announced that artist Swoope would be taking her place. Lecrae took to Facebook, stating the switch was “due to unforeseen circumstances.”

Regardless of the last minute swap, fans enjoyed Swoope’s opening performance.


“I knew of Swoope before and he was awesome,” said Shaymaine Shepherd, a recent graduate from Ryerson.

After Swoope warmed up the crowd with an energetic performance of a few original songs, Lecrae made his entrance to “Say I Won’t,” a hit from his 2015 album ‘Anomaly.’


He took to the stage wearing a vibrant red jacket and whether it was done on purpose or unintentionally it was the perfect attire for his visit to Canada. After making an explosive entrance, Lecrae wasted no time before telling fans about his views on Toronto.

Toronto is a favourite

Lecrae took a seat and began telling the crowd how much he loves Toronto.

“So this is one of my favourite places in the world, I want y’all to know that,” he said. The crowd cheered and Lecrae continued, “I might be moving here [after the election.]”

Hip-hop artist Lecrae delivered a perfect performance for his Toronto fans. (Photo credit: Sindi Dulluku/RUtv News)
Hip-hop artist Lecrae delivered a perfect performance for his Toronto fans. (Photo credit: Sindi Dulluku/RUtv News)

He went on to reference his ‘Church Clothes 3’ song “Cruising,” stating that he loves to cruise down the streets of Toronto.

Lecrae recalled riding down Yonge and Queen and thinking about the path his music has taken.

“As I ride I’m thinking about my first music video, and man, I came a long way,” Lecrae said as a prelude to his song “Jesus Muzik” from his 2006 ‘After the Music Stops’ album.

The crowd went wild as Lecrae reminisced about his debut music video from 10 years ago, reminding fans just how long they have been enjoying his music.

Paying homage

After taking the audience on a trip down memory lane, Lecrae adopted a serious tone as he addressed the passing of his good friend and former DJ, DJ Official.

He shared that DJ Official lived a tremendous and influential life, “changing countless people’s lives, including [his] own.” Unfortunately, he had some health complications when receiving a lung transplant this past year and didn’t make it.


“The truth about my friend is that he had a confidence and a belief that the Lord lived a life he couldn’t live, and died the death he should have died,” said Lecrae. “Because he trusted [the Lord], he is going to live forever.”

Lecrae continued by asking the audience if he could pray for them.

“Maybe you’re struggling or maybe you don’t know what your faith looks like,” he said. “I just want to pray for y’all if that’s alright with you.”

Highlights of the evening

Lecrae brought the energy right back up when performing his song “Dirty Water” from ‘Anomaly.’ He threw water out into the audience, keeping in theme with the song’s title.

Lecrae performed many fan favourites and other tracks from his extended repertoire. (Photo credit: Sindi Dulluku/RUtv News)
Lecrae performed many fan favourites and other tracks from his extended repertoire. (Photo credit: Sindi Dulluku/RUtv News)

Another exciting moment was when Lecrae joined Swoope by the keyboards as Swoope sang the riff of Lecrae’s “All I Need Is You.” The duo then broke out into a short synchronized dance as Lecrae continued the infectious performance.

One of the most powerful songs of the evening was definitely his latest single “Can’t Stop Me Now.”

“2016 was a tough year,” Lecrae admitted to the crowd. “For me personally, I had a gold album, I had a New York Times best seller. That didn’t stop the grief, doubt and depression from consuming me… but it can’t stop me now.”

Turn up

Lecrae closed out the show with his ‘Church Clothes Vol. 2’ hit “I’m Turnt” after the entire room began chanting in unison, “One more song!” The encore was a mash-up between his original beat and the popular riff from “Turn Down For What” by DJ Snake and Lil Jon.


The entire room filled with white smoke as Lecrae concluded, “Shoutout to the T for having me… I love you all to death. Goodnight!”

Judging by the applause and cheer that immediately took over the room, it’s safe to say that Toronto loves Lecrae right back.

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