Six athletes run their way into the world records at Toronto marathon

(By: Hilary Punchard)

The 27th Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon named six world record winners out of the 11 total attempts at the marathon on Sunday, according to the Guinness World Records.

Calgary born Calum Neff won fastest marathon while pushing a pram. He scored a time of two hours 31 minutes 22 seconds beating the current record by 11 minutes. Along for the ride was his four-year-old daughter, Alessandra. Neff also has the record for fastest half marathon with a stroller. He earned this title earlier this year with his youngest daughter, Holland.

Daniel Janetos, winner of the fastest marathon dressed as a chef, finished the race in three hours 56 minutes 21 seconds. He is the founder of the Toronto Mac and Cheese Festival and he reflected his passion for food with his costume.

The second runner to win a world record in a chef’s attire was Jasper Moester. He won the title of fastest half marathon dressed as a chef. Jasper completed the race while carrying a 3-kilogram cooking pot. He managed to finish in two hours 23 minutes 43 seconds.

The fastest record achieved by a woman at the marathon was done by Jennifer Wilson. She ran the half marathon in one hour 41 minutes 42 seconds while wearing a complete suit and tie.

Another world record setter who is no stranger to the waterfront marathon is Bridget Burns. Dressed in motocross gear, Burns won her fourth world record with a time of two hours 14 minutes 34 seconds. She won the record for the fastest half marathon in an animal costume during last year’s waterfront marathon.

Robert Winckler became the fastest marathon runner dressed as a swimmer with a time of one hour 47 minutes 50 seconds. His outfit included a snorkel, goggles, swimming trunks and fluorescent green water wings.

Even though several people raced in costumes to win world records, many people simply dressed up for fun. Only giving the name ‘Batman’, the comic vigilante said that he wanted a costume that would inspire others.

“Batman doesn’t have super powers, but then again, neither do any of us,” said Batman. “We are running to fundraise for others… I wanted to show that anyone can make a difference, powers or no powers.”


Batman stands with his Justice League eager to begin the 2016 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon on Oct. 16, 2016. (Photo credit: Hilary Punchard)

Batman was not alone in this marathon, running with his entire Justice League complete with a Wonder Woman, Green Arrow and Girl Wonder.

With over 25,000 runners, six world records, $2.7 million and counting raised for Scotiabank charities, it’s obvious to say that this year’s Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon was a huge success.


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