Review: Drake ends his Summer Sixteen tour at home

(By: Amreen Kullar)

Drake and Future lit up Toronto’s Air Canada Centre on Saturday night, Oct. 8, with their last show of the Summer Sixteen tour. The “6 God” was forced to cancel the remainder of his shows for the tour (and probably 6 Fest) due to an ongoing ankle injury, which came as a disappointment to many of his fans. This concert was the first additional Toronto date added to the tour after his first two concerts in August sold out in minutes.

The concert went on longer than anticipated, opening with Baka, followed by Roy Woods and dvsn, who all played at that weekend’s 6 Fest presented by the RSU. The crowd really didn’t start filing in until later as the early start time was 6:30pm.

By the time Drake finally came on around 10 p.m., the crowd had grown impatient waiting through the many opening acts. Drake, however, made up for the long wait, which he said was spent getting his ankle wrapped, with an extended version of the show. It was worth the wait and soon the atmosphere went “way up” while Drake performed “Energy.”

Blogger Karla Moy captures the visual energy of Drake's Summer Sixteen tour set. (Photo credit: Karla Moy/hustleGRL via Twitter)
Blogger Karla Moy captures the visual energy of Drake’s Summer Sixteen tour set. (Photo credit: Karla Moy/hustleGRL via Twitter)

The order of the performances was a good choice, alternating between Drake and Future. While Drake took a break, Future performed a set of some of his well-known songs, including “Wicked” and The Weeknd collab “Low Life.” A few tracks seemed as if they dragged on and not everyone knew the lyrics since more people were there for Drake after all. Some of the audience ended up sitting down but the Future fans lived for it.


When Drake came back on, they did some of their songs together but I soon realized that Drake has so many hits one concert could never cover them. This resulted in some disappointment on my part when he didn’t perform “Where Ya At” with Future, “Forever,” or the recently released “4 p.m. in Calabasas.” Nevertheless, Drake did medleys to fit in what he could. His popular songs “Over” and “Headlines” were both well-received.

To add to the music, the concert had really great visuals. The atmosphere was amplified with fire and sparks that emphasized the stage, and balloons that lit up the ACC. The balloons first dropped during “Hotline Bling” and bounced up and down, creating a beautiful visual effect while Drake did some of his famous dance moves – this despite his apparent ankle injury. Throughout the show, the balloons were different colors and formed different shapes, like the number 6 that made for the popular Instagram pictures everyone has seen.


Another great aspect of the concert is that Drake makes his love for the city really evident. He brought a Canadian flag with him, as he does to his Canadian concerts, and he wore a Blue Jays jersey that he later gave to a fan in the front row. Later on, he performed “Hold On, We’re Going Home” on a moving platform while he shouted out random people in the crowd based on the clothing that they were wearing. This made his concert feel more personal. He also shouted out the Blue Jays’ recent success in making it to the postseason, the Raptors’ Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan, and his mother who was also at the show.


Drake was good at keeping the audience’s interest; he brought the mood down, and turned it up when necessary. The concert ended at around 12:30 a.m., well past curfew. Drake claimed that he would get charged extra by the venue for going on too late but that it was worth it for his hometown. The last song he performed was “Legend” in a somewhat sentimental way for his last show in the city and what would be the last one of the tour. Drake really knows how to end a concert with satisfying closure; it wasn’t sudden and there was no expectation of an encore.

Overall, Saturday’s Summer Sixteen concert was a very well-produced show and better than I anticipated. Whether it’s the aesthetics, Future, the throwbacks, or the hits, there was something there for every Drake fan. He puts on a great show, paying homage to the city he’s always repping. Toronto was a perfect, albeit unfortunate, end to his Summer Sixteen tour. Hopefully he returns after his ankle injury to make up for the missed shows.

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