Ryerson grad featured in Super Wonder Fashion Wars

(By: Andrea Josic)

A Ryerson School of Fashion graduate presented designs from her line during a judged competition at the Super Wonder Gallery on Friday.

Melissa Williams, a fashion designer who graduated from Ryerson in 2016, entered four dresses from her line, Modularity, into the third annual Super Wonder Fashion Wars. Six designers were judged based on the amount of work put into their pieces.

“My inspiration was futurism and science-fiction,” Williams explains. “All of the pieces are modular – you can take off the sleeves, unzip the skirts to transform the look from day to evening. I want to be able to go from day to night wear without having to pack an extra change of clothes. I want to provide women with sustainability.”

The host of the Super Wonder Fashion Wars and owner of the Super Wonder Gallery, Christian Aldo, acknowledged the talent of each designer equally. Although Williams did not place first, Aldo praises the designer for the dresses she showcased that night.

“This show was a 6-point difference,” Aldo announced at the after party. “The two out of three judges that voted for Melissa Williams – that was the decisive factor. Those were the torpedoes that almost sunk the bismarck. I can say this – she was close.”

The winners of the Super Wonder Fashion Wars, Angela Volk and Sharleen Chin, praised the attention to detail in the accessories that Williams handcrafted herself.

Blair Ryder, five-year runway and production businesswoman, says Williams received only positive feedback that she would later admit is the type of criticism that keeps her passion going.

“I placed my vote for her,” Ryder admits. “I’m inspired by her goal and her idea of the independent person – whoever you are, you can wear her clothes. She rests on her morals; she’s not going to stop anytime soon.”

One of the models spoke out about working with Williams for the first time, emphasizing the professionalism and skill that the designer carries.

“I thought Melissa had absolutely amazing designs. Her versatility makes it. As my first time working with her, I can say her designs are top notch. I think they’re ready to be sold in stores.”

Williams stays inspired by working on designs and feeding her creativity on a daily basis. She emphasizes how important it is for artists to stay motivated and constantly put efforts into their work.

“Practice makes perfect. I went into this program thinking I have good style but it’s not just that. There’s so many practical skills. All those technical skills, that’s what Ryerson teaches you. For anyone wanting to excel in fashion, improve your technical skills. Just practice in your spare time. That’s so important.”

Currently, Williams has a second line planned to launch in the spring, Luxe Collection, which will feature evening wear. She has confirmed to be working with event planners to organize a Luxe Collection fashion show launch, scheduled for June 2017.

All of Melissa’s collections, including Modularity, can be found at http://melissawilliamsclothing.squarespace.com/

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