Festival Fashion: All Day I Dream of Toronto Skies

(By: Josie Mills, with photos by Mansoor Tanweer)

The sounds. The crowds. The atmosphere. All Day I Dream of Toronto Skies had it all. But what really stood out about the event?

The outfits.

The All Day I Dream music festival came to Canada for the first time on Sunday, July 17 at Toronto’s historic Fort York site for a special All Day I Dream of Toronto Skies event and proved to be a great experience for festival-goers.

This was the festival for those who wanted to have some light-hearted fun but also wanted to relax on a warm Sunday. The festival was both a social and a musical experience, as attendees bonded over beats whether they were dancing or just sitting and enjoying each other’s company.

Lee Burridge - All Day I Dream of Toronto Skies
Lee Burridge performing at All Day I Dream of Toronto Skies.
YokoO and Matthew Dekay - All Day I Dream of Toronto Skies
YokoO and Matthew Dekay performing at All Day I Dream of Toronto Skies.

The founders of the festival and headliners of the day were DJ’s Lee Burridge and Matthew Dekay, with support from deep house star DJ YokoO. After meeting in 2008, the pair created a special friendship and decided to create the festival. They have coined the phrase “technicolor emotionalism” and aim to create a dream-like atmosphere at their shows. The overll festival vibes weren’t the only thing in technicolor; in fact, while the music was great and there were smiles all around, the main attraction was the outfits that were worn to the event.

There were lots of bright colours, flower crowns, silk kimonos and facial jewelry seen around the festival. Party-goers combined their personality and summer trends into their outfits and stood out from the crowds of people dancing around the maple trees in the park.

Hungry dancers were treated to a fair amount of food options with four different food trucks. From classic poutine to vegan options, nobody was left behind. There was no shortage of activities for those who needed a break after dancing. Face painting, body painting, henna, hair braiding and massages were all available to keep everyone looking festival ready as the day went on. There was also a little booth to shop around for festival-themed clothing for those that needed a shopping fix. For tired feet, blankets were provided for people to sit down and enjoy some time away from the sun.

The decorations were whimsical and fit the dream-like experience the organizers were going for. Paper lanterns, hanging umbrellas and draped fabric were all part of the dream-like decor.

All Day I Dream of Toronto Skies

With a great turn out and overall smooth sailing, Toronto will hope to see All Day I Dream back for another festival experience and even better outfits next year.

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