In Conversation With… Diego Gomes

(By: Angela McLean)

It has been a wild ride for Toronto-based singer Diego Gomes. Since winning the third season of YTV’s hit talent search The Next Star in 2010, Diego has been hard at work collaborating with different producers and artists, honing in on his sound, touring and engaging with his dedicated fanbase. These days, Diego’s star continues to shine as he travels across Canada on the Acoustic Bash concert tour and plays shows with fellow young digital stars including Reed Deming and Jonah Marais.

Diego is currently gearing up for a jam-packed summer filled with new music and new ventures! RUtv News sat down with him after the sold-out Acoustic Bash concert in Toronto and he teased all that and more.

You just wrapped an awesome headlining performance at Acoustic Bash in Toronto and got to hang out with a bunch of your fans! What was the best part of the day?

My favourite part was performing my last song which was an original called “My Bestfriend’s Girl” because everyone knew the words to it. Just the fact that everyone was singing the song for me shows that I have such amazing, supportive fans. It’s a great feeling.

The Beginning EP
The cover art for Diego’s EP, ‘The Beginning.’

You released your EP, ‘The Beginning,’ in November and fans can’t get enough! Do you have a favourite song off it to perform live?

I would definitely say “Mystery Girl.” I performed it today and I think it’s the fan favourite from that EP. A lot of people keep requesting that track, so that’s why I decided to perform it.

You have been teasing some new music as part of your set that will be coming out soon. How has the recording process been coming along?

I posted a little Snapchat update recently and I was showing some people new songs that I’ve been producing in my home studio. The recording process has been amazing. I’ve just been waiting for the summer. I’m going to drop new singles and new music videos and I’m going to put my song on the radio. You need like $10,000 to do that, and I’ve just been working my way up. I produced my own tracks in my own studio in my own house. I write everything myself and I make the beats and everything.

You also tweeted recently about getting into music production for other artists. What’s it like to be able to write and record your own music, but also get to help out fellow Toronto talent?

It is absolutely amazing. I have produced for Brandon Bizior from The Next Star and a lot of other artists, including many rappers. It’s amazing. I love what I do, and I do what I love.

How would you describe your sound?

From what I’ve released so far, I’d say pop/rock but the world hasn’t heard my real sound which is my own sound that I’ve made. I’m very excited to launch that this summer. Everyone’s going to hear something they’ve never heard before from me, and there’s going to be a whole bunch of new tracks from me like rap, dance, EDM, rock…something for everybody!

You are very active on social media, especially Twitter. How important is it for you to connect with your fans online?

It is extremely important because when you can’t see them in person you can always connect with them online. A lot of these girls need a friend or someone to talk to, so I always let them know that I’ll be there for them. If it’s not in person, I’ll still be there for them in the DMs and stuff.

You share a lot, but what’s something your fans would be surprised to know about you?

I DJ, and I’m going to launch that this summer as well. I’m going to start releasing my own DJ tracks. I’ve spun at huge events, including at The Guvernment (now closed) twice for over 3,000 people. Not a lot of my fans know that.

Diego with Jed and Nathan from New City, and Alex Maciel from the Acoustic Bash tour.
Diego with Jed and Nathan from New City, and Alex Maciel from the Acoustic Bash tour.

Acoustic Bash is showcasing many talented, up-and-coming musicians. Are there any rising stars that you’re a big fan of right now?

There are a lot. There are so many coming from Toronto especially! I like New City. Those are my boys, Jed and Nathan and Adrian as well. Those guys are super talented and they’re coming out with some covers that are getting crazy views. They’re rising on the scene right now so I’d say look out for those guys! They’re probably the next big boy band in Toronto and Canada.

You’ve been singing from a very young age and your hard work has definitely been paying off! Do you have any advice for people who want to pursue singing as their career?

I would definitely tell them that singing is a hard business if you want to make money. It’s very hard to gain an income but I would definitely tell everyone to follow their dreams and don’t give up, because that’s what I did and you never know the possibilities of your future if you work really hard on your dream now. You’re young, so don’t waste time. Make the days count.

Do you have a message you want to send to your amazing fans?

This is a huge message to all of my fans: without you, there is no me. I love you guys and I really appreciate everything you do for me! You’re awesome.

Thank you, Diego! Catch Diego and the rest of the Acoustic Bash family when the concert tour hits Montreal on May 14.

Are you excited to hear all of Diego’s new projects this summer? Tweet us! @RUtvNews

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