Six Ways to Stay Calm and Study On

(By: Melissa Bennardo)

The school year is almost over and exams are fast approaching. But don’t panic! Here are some ways you can make studying for exams less stressful:

1. Don’t procrastinate


This is easier said than done, but to ensure you don’t procrastinate, make a priorities list. Sometimes we procrastinate and we don’t even realize it. You have so many assignments to finish and end up completing the most important ones last. You are also probably guilty of having your phone on you while studying. You begin reviewing your lecture notes and you see you received a text. You then check up on Instagram, then Twitter, and every other social media outlet imaginable and you have forgotten all about studying. So turning your phone off will help you avoid procrastinating because no one wants to begin studying for an exam the night before.

2. Take frequent breaks


Studying for hours upon hours may seem like a good idea but if you begin feeling tired, you aren’t going to retain any information. But taking frequent breaks while studying doesn’t mean opening your book for 10 minutes and then going to binge watch Friends on Netflix for the rest of the day. Try studying for a couple of hours and then take a 15-minute break…or at most, one episode.

3. Organize your time


Remember that Ryerson agenda you got during frosh week that you didn’t use at all? Now, might be a good time to use it. Writing what you have to get done before you start studying will save you time and ensure that you don’t forget to cover anything. No one wants to forget to study an entire chapter that happens to make up an entire section on the exam.

4. Get a study buddy


Studying doesn’t have to be boring. Make some study cards, grab a buddy, go to the eighth floor of the SLC, and quiz each other.

5. Don’t forget to sleep

giphy (1)

Have you ever told yourself that you were going to pull an all-nighter and then happen to wake up the next morning feeling disoriented with textbooks and study notes sprawled out all over your bed? You then realize you slept-in, your exam starts in less than an hour, and you’re on the verge of having a complete panic attack. Quickly reviewing notes before bed is good because they will be fresh in your mind the next morning but sacrificing your much needed sleep in an attempt to stay up all night, is not.

6. Clean your study space


So you lost your lecture notes from last week and if you remember correctly, out of pure laziness you put them on top of that huge pile of paper on the corner of your desk. You told yourself you would organize your notes later, and now happens to be later. You frantically rummage through the pile but your notes are gone! Don’t be stressed, take a deep breath, and clean your space. Studying in a cleaner room will make you feel calm. It will also make it easier for you to organize your notes and your thoughts.

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