In Conversation With… Sam Collins

(By: Angela McLean)

Sam Collins has the Internet world covered. The Boston, MA teen, who first broke out on the social scene in 2012, has amassed nearly 11,000 YouTube subscribers with 172,000 combined views, 24,500 Twitter followers, 16,500 Instagram followers and – wait for it – over one million views on YouNow.

On his YouTube channel, where he uploads new videos every Sunday, Sam has something for everyone – challenge videos, like ‘What’s In My Mouth?,’ for the daredevils, skits, such as ‘Types of High School Boys,’ for the humour seekers, and personal videos where he opens up to his fans and gives them life advice. His most-played video, “How to tell if a guy likes you,” is just a sample of the quirky and relatable content style Sam’s fans have come to love.

Digital and social media star Sam Collins at Acoustic Bash, exclusively for RUtv News. (Photo credit: Angela McLean)
Digital and social media star Sam Collins at Acoustic Bash, exclusively for RUtv News. (Photo credit: Angela McLean)

RUtv News sat down with Sam at the Acoustic Bash concert in Toronto, where he partook in a fun question-and-answer session with the sold out audience, and he gave us the inside scoop on his dedicated fans, secret passion and love for The Weeknd.

We’re here at Acoustic Bash in Toronto today! What are you most excited for?

Sam: Meeting the supporters. I feel like it’s very important to connect with them [online and in-person] because you create a bond with them.

You share a lot, but what’s something your fans and viewers might be surprised to know about you?

Sam: That’s a hard one! They would be surprised that I know everything and anything about parrots.

Acoustic Bash is showcasing many talented, up-and-coming musicians. Are there any rising stars that you’re a big fan of right now?

Sam: A big one is The Weeknd. He made it big. That’s my boy and I love him. Another one is Post Malone. I feel like a lot of people don’t know who he is yet and he’s crazy talented. A couple months of ago I said that he was going to blow up because I thought he was really good, and now he’s opening for Justin Bieber.

Do you have a message you want to send to your amazing fans?

Sam: It just feels really good to have people supporting me. I love you all so much! I’m really looking forward to my next event like Acoustic Bash. It’s always really fun and exciting.

Thank you, Sam!

Stay tuned to RUtv News for our next exclusive interview with Acoustic Bash performer Diego Gomes.

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