7 Problems Commuters Face and How to Fix Them

(By: Melissa Bennardo)

1. Excessive walking

“When the weather is really bad [the commute] can be very difficult and it can take even longer.” –Diana Searles, a first-year business management student.

If you know where you’re going, the underground PATH can be your best friend. When weather is bad and the subway is delayed you can take the PATH. It can take you from Union Station all the way to the Eaton Centre. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes!

2. The unreliability of transportation

“Sometimes [the train] will get delayed and it’s not your fault and then you’ll end up being late for class. It’s not a big deal when it’s just class but you worry when it’s exam time.” –Sabreena Sahayarajan, a first-year food and nutrition student

Always plan ahead. You can easily download the Transit App to your phone or if you take the GO, keep one of the mini schedules from your station on hand.

3. Having to wake up extra early

“If I am tired one day and I don’t want to wake up early I’ll wake up later. I might have to miss that class and ask a friend [for notes].” –Sabreena Sahayarajan, a first-year food and nutrition student

Sleeping in happens. Have a buddy in each class to catch you up on what you missed, preferably someone who lives in residence.

4. Long breaks in between classes

Use this time to study, grab some food, or do some shopping.  Having a long break means plenty of time on your phone. In addition to scrolling through their Instagram feed, Commuters need their phones charged in order to check schedule times. In the event that your phone runs out of battery, having a portable charger is always a good idea.

5. Sitting beside someone that won’t stop talking

“I was coming home from work and this guy just started rapping really badly. I just plugged in my headphones and took a nap.” –Simon Li, a third-year occupational health and safety student

We’ve all been there. Don’t forget to bring your headphones. Even the cheapest set will do the trick.

6. Plenty of baggage

As a commuter, you don’t have the luxury to go back to your residence to drop off a few books. Instead, you most likely carry all of your textbooks in your backpack. Your wallet unfortunately might be at the bottom of all of this which makes it extremely difficult to buy that Tim Horton’s coffee in the morning. If you use Presto, tapping on and off can be a hassle. Having a cell phone case with card space will save you plenty of time and energy.

7. Time wasted from long commutes

“It actually gives me more of an opportunity to study because my commute is long. When Icommute I pull out my notes and just read over them.” –Nick Ladisa, a first-year business management student

Commuting doesn’t always have to be a waste of time. Use your long commute to study. If you’re taking the GO Train, make use of the quiet floor.

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