Elliot Maginot to Join Cœur de Pirate’s Tour

(By: Allison Tubosa)

Elliot Maginot is a Montréal-based musician who is sailing across the indie-folk scene and contents with his mesmerizing vocals and musical genius. After dropping his first album nine months ago, this musician has now found himself opening for one of our country’s most beloved French Indie pop artist, Béatrice Martin, also known under the stage name Cœur de Pirate, in Europe this spring.  Although only a year shy from debuting YOUNG/OLD/EVERYTHING.IN.BETWEEN, Maginot will be performing at M for Montréal’s opening night on November 18th.

This wonderful new artist also released a music video for his song “Survival” only a week ago (November 4th), and reflecting not only his enthralling lyrical talents, but his phenomenal musical skill. I definitively recommend watching the video, as it captures the essence for this song perfectly, and checking out some of his live performances on Youtube, because his voice really captivates you.

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