The Neighbourhood are Back, Beachy and Ready to Leave Their Teenage Image Behind

(By: Josie Mills) 

As winter approaches, what better way to embrace the cold weather than with “Sweater Weather” creators themselves? Wiped Out was released on October 30th and has been receiving warm reviews from critics and fans.

You’ll want the sun back with the shivers The Neighbourhood will be giving you. It is perfect for a night in, chilling with friends or getting ready to go out. It is dark, but in an alluring way that draws you in with every track. They have finally mastered the sounds channelled in past EPs, resulting in “R.I.P 2 My Youth”. It is the most haunting track on the album, making you feel like you’re at a funeral with the band. It’s the song that puts “I Love You” in the ground, and reflects on past youth.

This album is definitely meant to be listened to in order. Every song is a story for the listener to infer to. The album deals with heartbreak, honesty and the reality of growing up and moving on. The 11 track album begins with “A Moment of Silence,” a track of complete silence. This builds anticipation and leads into “Prey”. The song makes you feel like you’re at a haunted beach party, and now you’ve fallen into their trap.

Although some bands stray far from their debut album’s original sound, the NBHD continued where they left off. Sophomore albums always have high expectations, especially since “Sweater Weather” went platinum. The music video alone has over 92 million views, so obviously fans were looking for more.

The “SoCal” beachy haze is still there, but instead of alternative rock, the band is stepping in the R&B range. Every song on the album has a build up melody and deals with the subject of maturity. This makes sense, as the band has matured a lot since their debut. Even lead singer Jesse Rutherford’s voice is noticeably improved. It is a successful trio of pop, rock and hip-hop that isn’t always easily attainable but shows the level of versatility that they have achieved.

“The Beach” is a haunting yet sexy lovesick ballad about moving on and the turmoil that can go on in a relationship and getting lost in a relationship. There is a strong dynamic between fire and water and hot and cold within the entire album with the lyrics “I’m not fireproof” and “the sun is out, but I’m feeling colder” but highlights scenes like swimming at the beach and the sea. This could be a spin off of their black and white theme and strong opposites.

One of highlights of the album is “Daddy Issues”, although it isn’t a single, it is similar to “Female Robbery” from their previous album.

It has been roughly two years since their last album “I Love You” was released in April 2014. They also released their mixtape album titled #000000 & #FFFFFF which are the HEX color codes for black and white, proving their dedicating to their signature band theme. The tape was a marriage of hip-hop and rock and featured guests including YG and French Montana.

The band has been touring worldwide. After finishing their European tour in 2014, they announced “The Flood Tour” for 2015, spreading across North America with Hunny and Bad Suns. Before their new album release, they hit up Toronto on October 9th and performed at the Danforth Music Hall.

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