REVIEW: Peaches at the Phoenix

(Words and Photos By: Beatrice Hanley)

Last week, Canadian electronic musician and performance artist Peaches played an energetic set at The Phoenix. The eccentric artist has been performing for nearly two decades and her songs are known for disregarding traditional gender norms, and for their use of sexually explicit lyrics. Having just recently heard about her, I searched her up on YouTube and knew I was in for an interesting night.
The show started off with Peaches’ mother entering the stage and discussing the election. She pumped up the crowd, and gave a motivating talk about being Canadian while waving Canadian flags, anthem playing loudly in the background. She told us that Peaches’ father was in the crowd as well, ready to enjoy the show.

Out came Peaches, the lights still glowing red and white in Canadian spirit. Excitement ran through the crowd as her silhouette appeared, microphone in hand. She was dressed in a flamboyant outfit, a pink and yellow ensemble resembling both a Ninja Turtle and a butterfly. A sparkly cape, some shoulder decorations and a headpiece completed the outfit, channeling Lady Gaga.
Her music has a good beat to it, something you can dance or groove along to even if you are not familiar with her music. The energy was contagious as people got really into it, jumping, dancing and belting out the words.

Before I knew it, she was into the next song, which included a dance sequence featuring two people in vagina costumes. Yes, you heard that right. Two human-sized vaginas joined her on stage, dancing and frolicking as she spat out the lyrics to her song “Vaginoplasty”.

As the show went on, things got more and more heated and I could see why her performances have caused some controversy in the past. Accompanied by two dancers (a man and a woman) they recreated various explicit moves and scenes. The dancers wore several different costumes, giving the performance a theatrical feel.

Eventually it was clear that something new was about to take place and the crowd braced themselves as an enormous structure was blown out over the audience, resembling a dildo. Peaches then crawled inside and crowd surfed inside of it. The night went on in a mix of fast lyrics, sparkly costumes and edgy dance moves.

Towards the end, after briefly disappearing, Peaches came back for a much-anticipated encore and finished off the show with a bang (no pun intended). Some fans even got to storm the stage and go nuts right beside her. All in all, it was quite an interesting Tuesday evening to be had by all.

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